About Us

Our Mission:

At Ravenpeek, our mission is to create an apparel company that can offer superior design, quality and value to our customers. We understand that individualism is very important to our shoppers and strive to provide unique pieces at affordable prices.

Powerful Looks For Powerful Women:

It's our passion to help women of all sizes to feel great in their own skin. We provide bold looks that will help you perform your A-game. It's our belief that self expression is an extremely valuable personal freedom. All women should be empowered to express their beauty inside and out!


Our Founder:

Megan Delcamp is known for being an extremely creative and passionate woman. Her background in art helps her to provide a unique, aesthetic perspective to our team. Her many creative outlets help her to express herself. To her, fashion is freedom.

”Fashion is a good way for women to start to know their individual power. We are all born with beauty and confidence , but at some point, many of us lose that. It's my duty as a woman to uplift the women around me, so we can all live authentically”.

As a feminist and entrepreneur, it's her dream to empower women in their everyday lives. Megan is very spiritual and practices eclectic spell craft. She believes that all women should have the opportunity to live in their divine feminine and masculine energy, without fear of judgment. As the founder of ravenpeek, she drives the passion into our work.